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Field Trips

Field trips are an add-on service available for past or existing clients who…

  • Are within 30 minutes from the Wilmerding, PA area

  • Have completed at least 3 training sessions with Tried and True Canines within the past 6 months**

  • Are approved by the trainer for Field Trip eligibility


Have a new puppy and need some help with socialization? Does your dog have perfect manners at home, but forget all of it once you’re in public? Sending your dog on a Field Trip is the perfect solution! Practicing skills and exposure in public settings is important for generalizing and proofing skills, as well as for building confidence and independence in young dogs and puppies. Field Trips are perfect for aiding in puppy socialization or for training in real-world environments with a skilled professional.


Field Trips occur at local pet-friendly stores and are one-on-one with your dog and the trainer. Pick-up and drop-off can happen either at your home or at the Field Trip location. 

What Dogs are Eligible for Field Trips?

  • Generally friendly with other dogs and people (Not aggressive or overly reactive)

  • Has completed at least 3 training sessions with Tried and True Canines within the past 6 months and has a general foundation in basic skills including, but not limited to attentiveness, loose leash walking, manners around people, and recall**

  • Is comfortable riding in a car in either a crate or a seatbelt

  • Is comfortable working in a public setting without their owner present

  • Is up to date on all required vaccinations

**Exception for clients with new puppies

**Former clients who have completed 3 training sessions, but not within the past 6 months, may sign up for a single coaching session to review basic skills so the trainer can determine if your dog is eligible.

How much does it Cost?

3o Minutes—$70

45 Minutes—$80 

***NOTE that the duration includes travel time to and from field trip destination if doing pick-up and drop-off from home.


***Limit one dog per Field Trip***

Are you a past or existing client interested in sending your dog on a Field Trip? Text or email us for more information and to see if your dog is eligible!


  • This is NOT a dog walking or pet sitting service. The purpose of Field Trips is to continue building on existing skills and to provide support in socializing new puppies.

  • Field Trips occur inside pet-friendly stores, and we need to be respectful of the business and the people shopping there. For this reason, if your dog at any point during the Field Trip is displaying behavior that is disruptive to the business (e.g., uncontrollable barking, marking inside the store, etc.), we have the right to end the Field Trip early without refund and remove your dog from the environment.

Blue bi australian shepherd sitting inside a clothing store and facing the camera.
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