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Brown bulldog sleeping with head resting on opened book, reading glasses sitting on dogs face.

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Begin by Filling Out the Intake Form Below!
New Client Intake Form

*Please fill out separate form for each dog in need of training*
(We are working on a way to make it easier to fill out the form for multiple dogs, but until then we are sorry for any inconvenience!)
Owner Information
Prefered Method of Communication
Are There Other Family Members Living In The Household?
How Did You Hear About Us?
Are You A First Time Dog Owner?
Which Service Are You Interested In?
Dog Information
Which Of The Following Is Your Dog Most Likely To Work For?
Veterinary Information
Is Your Dog Current On All Age-Appropriate Vaccinations?
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Behavior Information
Level Of Success
Do You Use A Crate?
Does Your Dog Like The Crate?
How Would You Describe Your Dogs' Energy Level?
When Guests First Come Into The House, Where Is Your Dog?
Check Off Any Body Language Your Dog Displays When Greeting Guests:

I hereby grant permission to Tried and True Canines, the irrevocable right to use my photograph(s), likeness and voice, including via video, and those of my dog(s) and of any minor children of mine who may have been photographed or recorded, for the following:

Check All That Apply

I hereby release Tried and True Canines and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photograph(s), video(s), likeness and voice, indicated by my signature below.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that Tried and True Canines will endeavor to create as safe an environment as possible for the training of my dog and will offer only sound, safe, and responsible training and training instructions. However, to the extent that Tried and True Canines is insured for any unintentional or negligent errors, omissions, or incorrect assertions, Tried and True Canines will be responsible for any such acts or omissions, but only to the extent of such insurance. I represent and warrant that I have provided Tried and True Canines with full and complete, accurate information regarding any bite history and similar incidents or hazardous tendencies of my dog, and that I will update that information if it changes. I understand that I am and will remain responsible for the actions of my dog at all times, and I hereby agree to indemnify, release, and hold harmless Tried and True Canines of any and all claims, whether made by myself or any third party, of injury, expense, costs, or damages caused by my dog. I understand that the recommendation of any other product or service is not a guarantee of my satisfaction with that product or service. This contract, together with language expressly incorporated into it in writing, is the full and complete agreement between me and Tried and True Canines. A complete and accurate copy of this contract is as valid as the original.

Thank you for submiting!

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