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Love your dog but frustrated with their behavior?

At Tried and True Canines, we are committed to using modern, science-based training methods that aim to set both dog and owner up for success, right in the comfort of your own home!




Lauren Coates is a Karen Pryor certified, professional dog trainer offering in-home dog training in Monroeville PA and the surrounding areas. Lauren has been working with dogs for the majority of her life in different aspects and has a passion for helping dogs and their owners.

Lauren shares her life with three dogs: Rosie, Charlie, and Everest. All three dogs have earned titles in AKC Trick Dog. Rosie has also been highly successful in agility and has earned numerous titles competing in AKC agility trials.


At Tried and True Canines, we believe in using the most up-to-date and modern training methods. We strive to create a fun and positive learning atmosphere for both dog and owner so that everyone can be successful, without having to fear judgement, or harsh corrections and punishment. At Tried and True Canines, we believe that modern, science-based training methods provide consistency and communication that result in positive relationships between dogs and their owners.

We are currently offering in-home dog training services to assist with puppy training, basic manners and obedience training, and select behavioral modification services*.

*Please note that we are not currently taking aggression cases. If you are concerned about your dog's behavior, we are happy to discuss options and refer you to another trainer.

Instills a Lasting Bond Between you and your Dog
Benefits of our Training
Simple and Rewarding Methods that Create Long-Lasting Results
Supports Animal Welfare

At Tried and True Canines, we believe that every dog has the ability to learn through positive reinforcement training methods. We advocate the use of reward-based methods that aim to create a fun and safe learning environment for everyone. We believe that training a dog using these methods is the most effective and ethical way to communicate with your dog. 


Science has shown repeatedly that the use of positive reinforcement dog training methods can have a positive psychological effect on dogs. Research has shown that dogs taught with these methods display an increased optimism and confidence, as well as a stronger connection with their owners and more long-lasting results from training. Our goal is to create a rewarding environment for learning that fosters teamwork and relationship building through modern, reward-based methods that simultaneously teaching your dog the behaviors that help them be successful.

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