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Modern Training Solutions for Dogs and their People

At Tried and True Canines, we are committed to using modern, positive reinforcement training methods that aim to set both dog and owner up for success, right in the comfort of your own home!

You're Not Alone!

At Tried and True Canines, we know first-hand what it’s like to live with rowdy, high-energy dogs. We know what it’s like to feel embarrassed and ashamed about your dog’s behavior as they jump all over guests or lunge at the end of the leash at passing dogs and cars. We know the feeling of frustration when your dog acts deaf to your cues and instructions, or when they chew up your favorite pair of shoes, and we know the worry you feel when your dog snatches something off the ground and swallows it whole. We’ve experienced it all!


But at Tried and True Canines, we also know first-hand the feeling when you’re finally able to open your door to guests while your dog greets them calmly and politely. We know the relief when you can enjoy taking a walk while your dog maintains a loose leash, and the feeling of accomplishment when your dog listens willingly to your cues and instructions. We’ve also seen the joy in our dogs’ eyes as we provide them with enrichment and appropriate outlets to fulfill their needs for running, chewing, jumping, and chasing.


And we can help you get there too! We tailor our training plans specifically to suit yours and your dog’s needs, and we are committed to life-long support for all of our clients!

Benefits of our Training

Our Training Philosophy
Instills a Lasting Bond Between you and your Dog
Simple and Rewarding Methods that Create Long-Lasting Results
Supports Animal Welfare

Our Training Philosophy

At Tried and True Canines, we believe that every dog has the ability to learn through positive reinforcement dog training methods. We advocate the use of reward-based methods that aim to create a fun and safe learning environment so that everyone can be successful, without having to fear judgment, harsh corrections, or punishment.

The latest science and research has shown that the use of positive reinforcement dog training methods is the most effective method for modifying our dogs' behavior. Our goal is to create a rewarding environment for learning that focuses on enrichment, meeting yours and your dogs needs, and teaching you and your dog the skills needed to be successful.

We are currently offering private, in-home dog training services to assist with puppy training, basic manners and life skills, and select behavior modification services including, but not limited to, reactivity, fearfulness, and anxiety.

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